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Health and Nutrition

We have listed the primary varieties of fish in this section: Chunk Light, Standard Albacore, and Small Albacore. They are compared in a table for your reference. All the fish are very nutritious, but some individuals may have different nutrition priorities. The information is for a 2 ounce serving. Chunk Light and Standard Albacore data are water packed. Small Albacore data is from solid pack albacore without water.

  Chunk Light Standard Albacore Small Albacore
Protein 14g 14g 15g
Calories 70 70 100
Sodium 200mg 200mg 200mg
Omega 3's .158g .502g 1.250g
Cholesterol 17mg 24mg 30mg
Mercury .118ppm .353ppm .140ppm

Small albacore are typically hand filleted and packed, and only cooked during the canning process. Standard albacore and chunk light are usually machine filleted and cooked twice to dissolve the bones. As a result, many nutrients such as omega 3's are cooked out during the dual cooking process of those two types of fish. Small Albacore have about 8 times the Omega 3's of chunk light.

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database and independent

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