Canned Tuna. All about tuna from a can.
A nutritious food with a wide variety of uses. Learn all about canned tuna.

Buying Guide
If you are looking to save money, eat the best, or have the healthiest, this guide will help you choose the right tuna to buy.

Most Economical Chioces:
If you are simply looking to save money on your grocery bill, you can't beat chunk light tuna from one of the major canners. These canners include: StarKist, Bumble Bee, and Chicken-of-the-Sea. Remember when you are buying a can of tuna from the major canners that they have lowered the standard size of a can of tuna to 5 ounces. You are purchasing the entire contents of the can that contains 5 ounces of ingredients. You are NOT purchasing 5 ounces of tuna. The federal guideline for the amount of tuna required to be in a 5 ounce can is approximately 3.25 ounces. With water absorption potential of 20%, the actual amount of tuna meat left in the can may be closer to 2.75 ounces. Store brands will vary based on the brand, so if you are buying store brand tuna, you may have to read the label and compare for yourself. There have been several complaints leveled against store brands that they are selling flake light tuna as chunk light.

Premium Eating Choices:
The flavor of Albacore tuna is far superior to chunk light. However, not all albacore tuna are the same. The vast majority of albacore in the US comes from the Asian longline fishery. These are larger, older fish with lower body fat, less flavor, less Omega 3's and higher mercury. They are still far superior to chunk light.
A very small percentage of the US albacore supply comes from the Pacific West Coast tuna fleet, but most of this is exported to foreign countries like Spain. The remaining supply of albacore is processed and sold by a few microcanneries such as

Healthiest Choices:
Chunk light, longline albacore, and troll caught albacore are all slightly different from a nutritional standpoint.
Lowest Calories: Chunk Light
Highest Omega 3's: Small Albacore (over 10x chunk light)
Lowest Mercury: Chunk Light (Small Albacore very similar)
Lowest Fat: Chunk Light (also a reason for lowest Omega 3's)

For more nutirtional information, check the health and nutrition page.

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