Canned Tuna. All about tuna from a can.
A nutritious food with a wide variety of uses. Learn all about canned tuna.

If a recipe calls for a can of tuna, which tuna do you choose, and how can you tell them apart? What are the differences in flavor? How are the fish caught? Learn all about the different types of tuna so you know what you are getting before you open the can.

Species and Fishing Methods
There are five primary kinds of tuna used in the commercial tuna canning industry including skipjack, albacore, bigeye, yellowfin, and bluefin. These fish are caught using a variety of methods. The primary methods are purse seine, longline, surface troll, and pole and line. Different methods are used for different species.

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Buying Guide
Whether you are on a budget, trying to eat healthy, or looking for the best tasting tuna on the market, we will help you with our buying guide. Whatever your priorities are in making food choices, we will address them and send you in the right direction.

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Can Contents and Labeling
The most popular and typically the least expensive kind of tuna is 'chunk light tuna.' But what does that mean? What is in the can if it says 'Blended flake tonno' or 'Solid pack albacore in water''? See this comprehensive guide to tuna labeling and understand exactly what is in your can. How big is a tuna can, and why do they seem to keep getting smaller?

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As with many great inventions, canned tuna was a result of a previous failure. The industry began in 1903, and demand soared with the US involvement in World War I. Canned tuna is now a massive industry providing high quality protein-rich food for millions of people worldwide.

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Health and Nutrition
Tuna is very high in protein and highly nutritious. Bodybuilders frequently eat large amounts of tuna. Tuna diets are also very popular. Recently there has been information in the news about mercury in tuna. What are the facts, and is tuna good or bad for you?

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